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Nicole Kidman asks Daniel Craig for his autograph

It seems that Hollywood actresses even get star struck. It seems that Nicole Kidman came over all funny over Daniel Craig when she starred opposite him in the upcoming "The Invasion". According to the Daily Express, she immediately asked the James Bond star for his autograph.

"At first, it seemed like she was just teasing him." A source said at the newspaper.

"Then she explained she really did want it because her son Connor is a massive Bond fan.

"I think it was probably the first autograph he ever signed as 007."

Kidman also stas opposite craig in the movie adaptation of The Golden Compass, due in cinemas later this year.

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Nicole Kidman pushes his buttons, admits Daniel Craig

To James Bond, Nicole Kidman is to die for, according to the ever reliable NYPost.

"She turns me on," Daniel Craig (above with Kidman in the new issue of W magazine) tells W. "In the nicest possible way, you understand."

Kidman kids Craig, 38, with whom she appears in two movies this year, became unbearable after he starred as Bond in "Casino Royale."

"In 24 hours, he became a diva," said Kidman, 39.


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8 January 2007


BOND star Daniel Craig has clearly developed a darker side since growing up judging by this teenage picture - his hair.

The 007 actor's barnet was even blonder as a youngster than it is today.

Former girlfriend Marina Pepper took the shot of Daniel when he was 18.

And she said she was shocked at how much his golden locks had changed when she saw the 38-year-old after he landed the spy role in Casino Royale.

Marina added: "I was surprised when I saw him on TV after he was named Bond because his hair looked totally different.

"He used to have strawberry blond hair, but seems to have gone darker."

The first fair Bond has come a long way since, but Daniel will never forget his roots.


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Кинодуэт Дэниэла Крэйга и Николь Кидман в следующем году можно будет увидеть сразу в двух новых лентах. Первая картина — это фантастический хоррор "Вторжение" /Invasion, The/ (2007) режиссера Оливера Хиршбигеля. В нем привычным для киногероев занятием — спасением планеты от инопланетных захватчиков — займутся женщина-психиатр (Кидман) и ее мужественный коллега (Крэйг).

А в картине с не менее мрачным и фантастическим сюжетом "Северное сияние" /His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass/ (2007) Дэниэл Крэйг выступит уже в другом амплуа — он сыграет роль демона Азраэля — олицетворения зла. Эта картина станет первой частью будущей серии из нескольких фильмов по фэнтези-трилогии Филипа Пуллмана "Темные начала". В центре сюжета мистической сказки — приключения юной Лайры Белакуа (Дакота Блю Ричардс) и роль, которую она играет в войне, столкнувшей между собой множество разных миров. Одну из главный ролей в проекте сыграет и Николь Кидман.

Над адаптацией книг для киноэкрана работал как реж ... Читать дальше »

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Some of the men who have made the headlines in 2006, as featured by the BBC News profiles unit.


Burdened with the tag "Northern Totty", Daniel Craig was not everyone's choice to play Ian Fleming's suave secret agent in Casino Royale. However critics and audience raved over his performance, equating it to that of many people's favourite Bond, Sean Connery. Craig's 007 has been described as mysterious, charming, vulnerable and tough as hell, while his six pack, emerging from the water above a skimpy pair of trunks, had numerous fans swooning in their seats.

Полный список "лиц года" таков: Фидель Кастро, Александр Литвиненко, Зинедин Зидан, Саддам Хуссейн, Муххамед Юнус, Ким Джонг-Ил, Ричард Хаммонд, Стив Ирвин, Инзамам-Ул-Хак, Монти Панесар, Джордж Гэллоуэй, Дэниэл Крэйг, Саид Хассан Насралла, Чарльз Кеннеди, Мэл Гибсон, Томми Шеридан.


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Cambridge Evening News ставит 16 против 1, что Крэйг получит Оскар в качестве Лучшего актера.

The best of the rest. . .

■ Wayne Rooney to marry Colleen - Evens

■ Steve McLaren to no longer be England manager - 9/4

■ EastEnders' Queen Vic to burn down - 4/1

■ Queen to abdicate - 5/1

■ Terry Wogan to give up his Radio Two breakfast show - 5/1

■ Premiership title to be decided on goal difference - 8/1

■ Snow at Christmas - 10/1

■ David Blunkett to return to the Cabinet permanently - 10/1

■ Jenson Button to win formula one world championship - 12/1

■ Daniel Craig to win Best Actor at the Oscars - 16/1

■ Andy Murray to win Wimbledon - 16/1

■ George Bush to resign as President of the United States - 20/1

■ Big Ben failing to chime due to adverse weather - 25/1

■ Cliff Richard to have a Christmas number one - 33/1

■ Simon Cowell and Louis Wa ... Читать дальше »

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Actress SIENNA MILLER has vowed never to date an older man after relationships with JUDE LAW and DANIEL CRAIG revealed they can't keep up with her frantic lifestyle. Sienna split from on/off boyfriend Law, 34, in November (06) and she has also had a fling with new 007 Craig, who is 38. But the ALFIE star, 25, was far from impressed by their staid ways, and suspects a toy boy would better suit her party habits. She says, "They (mature men) want a sophisticated woman. But then I can also behave like a crazy young thing... and they can't keep up."

05/01/2007 02:24

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