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Daniel Craig has forgiven the critics who slammed his casting as James Bond in 'Casino Royale'.

The 38-year-old actor upset many diehard 007 fans because, not only was he blond, but he also admitted to having a fear of guns and heights and allegedly struggled to drive a manual car.
However, Craig - whose portrayal of Bond was universally acclaimed -insists that is now all in the past, saying: "You have to forgive and forget and move on." Craig was one of the key components that officially made 'Casino Royale' the most successful Bond movie of all time. The action film raked in over £272 million at the global box office.
The actor's second outing as the suave spy, tentatively titled 'Bond 22', is due out in 2008 and, despite the success of 'Casino Royale', the actor is bracing himself for more criticism.
He added: "I don't blame p ... Читать дальше »

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Воскресенье, 10 Декабрь 2006

Звездная голливудская пара - Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт собираются в ближайшие недели заключить брак в ЮАР. "Бранджелина", как журналисты окрестили их, избрала для торжественной церемонии деревушку Хенли-он-Клип на берегу реки Вааль близ Йоханнесбурга.

Этот укромный уголок уже известен благодаря тому, что там располагается престижная академия, призванная готовить будущих лидеров из девочек. Ее патронирует знаменитая американская телеведущая Опра Уинфри. По слухам, актеры не хотят никакой роскоши и блеска. Для них будет выступать ансамбль традиционной африканской музыки. На более чем скромную церемонию приглашены Мадонна и Гай Ричи, Джордж Клуни, а также Дэниэл Крейг - новый Джеймс Бонд.


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Daniel Craig voted 'Sexiest Man On The Planet'

Tuesday December 12, 11:08 AM

Washington, Dec 12(ANI): New James Bond actor Daniel Craig has been voted the sexiest man on the planet in a poll conducted by condom manufacturer Durex. Durex questioned 4,000 women to find out which celebrity male they wanted to get hot and heavy with, and the 38-year-old blond 'Casino Royale' star proved a huge hit with women after appearing in skimpy trunks as 007. Actors Clive Owen and Jude Law were second and third. Welsh TV presenter Steve Jones - who recently romanced Pamela Anderson and Halle Berry landed the fourth position., reports Contactmusic. Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney, who was recently named the "sexiest man alive" for the second time by People magazine, came in fifth. Durex's top 5 sexiest men

1. Daniel Craig
2. Clive Owen
3 ... Читать дальше »

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Kate Moss And Amy Winehouse Talk Daniel Craig
What is he like in bed?...

Supermodel Kate Moss has struck up a new friendship with boozehound Amy Winehouse.

The pair met up recently at a Ray-Ban’s party where they indulged their mutual passion for getting wasted before moving on to a pub then Amy’s house.

A source told the Mirror: “Amy and Kate were all over each other. They were even holding hands at one point.

“Kate was going through Amy’s wardrobe saying how much she loved her manic outfits.”

Other then booze, the girls also share something else in common…actor Daniel Craig. Moss dated the James Bond hunk back in the day and now Amy is keen to get into his pants.

The source added: “Amy kept going on about how she thought Daniel had an amazing body and was quizzing Kate about what he was like in the sack.

“She said she want ... Читать дальше »

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Nicole Kidman asks Daniel Craig for his autograph

It seems that Hollywood actresses even get star struck. It seems that Nicole Kidman came over all funny over Daniel Craig when she starred opposite him in the upcoming "The Invasion". According to the Daily Express, she immediately asked the James Bond star for his autograph.

"At first, it seemed like she was just teasing him." A source said at the newspaper.

"Then she explained she really did want it because her son Connor is a massive Bond fan.

"I think it was probably the first autograph he ever signed as 007."

Kidman also stas opposite craig in the movie adaptation of The Golden Compass, due in cinemas later this year.

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Nicole Kidman pushes his buttons, admits Daniel Craig

To James Bond, Nicole Kidman is to die for, according to the ever reliable NYPost.

"She turns me on," Daniel Craig (above with Kidman in the new issue of W magazine) tells W. "In the nicest possible way, you understand."

Kidman kids Craig, 38, with whom she appears in two movies this year, became unbearable after he starred as Bond in "Casino Royale."

"In 24 hours, he became a diva," said Kidman, 39.


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8 January 2007


BOND star Daniel Craig has clearly developed a darker side since growing up judging by this teenage picture - his hair.

The 007 actor's barnet was even blonder as a youngster than it is today.

Former girlfriend Marina Pepper took the shot of Daniel when he was 18.

And she said she was shocked at how much his golden locks had changed when she saw the 38-year-old after he landed the spy role in Casino Royale.

Marina added: "I was surprised when I saw him on TV after he was named Bond because his hair looked totally different.

"He used to have strawberry blond hair, but seems to have gone darker."

The first fair Bond has come a long way since, but Daniel will never forget his roots.


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